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Dahniel Johansson

Dahniel Johansson has always wondered what things look like behind the scenes; inside the car motor, the computer, and so on.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design Engineering with a major in Product Development, and a Master of Science in Robotics and Automation. He has worked as a Research Engineer for several years at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden.

– The thought of me programming and handling robots, at work – is a thought that really makes me smile. It’s a dream coming true, Dahniel says.

For RobNor AB having Dahniel on board will help us give our customers the very best of knowledge and engagement!

– I believe that automation improves the work environment and increases the level of safety for the employees. And also, a robot can work at a constant speed and quality with no breaks, days off, holiday time, or sick leave. But it’s important to find a balance, between human and automated operators, as in all other aspects of life.

Johansson is a nature and motor-loving guy, who spends a lot of hours fishing, hiking, scuba diving, and road racing. He also spends a lot of hours on the floor – with his two and half year-old son, showing him the joy of mechanics, robots, and science.


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