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Håkan Djurberg

Say hi to our new Sales Manager for the Scandinavian region! Håkan Djurberg Johansson has put the RobNor AB - hat on, and it fits well!

On his third day at work, he couldn't wait to visit our customers and get to know them. Håkan is from Skövde in Sweden, and besides work he enjoys training, hiking, working as a volunteer, and spending time in the Swedish church. A solid guy in other words.

Over the years Håkan has worked in sales- positions in several different companies. From world-famous tech companies in the car industry to home electronics, mobile phones, and so on. Håkan just came from a sales position in Burseryds Bruk in Småland before he joined us this week.

– I look forward to being out there, in our markets with an ear to the skin and at the same time taking part in upcoming projects. I also look forward to offering all RobNor's system knowledge and installation experience with the strength of having our entire corporate group Trolltunga Robotics AS at our back.

– I believe that technology, automation, and people in harmony build the factories of the future already today. I am so happy to be a part of it!


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