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We build most of our solutions around product from one of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots, ABB. Our personnel have worked with paint automation projects for more than 30 years. We know what you can achieve with an ABB robot and we know which equipment that can be used in combination with the robot. We choose are products carefully because we know it is important for our customers.




RobNor have chosen to work with ABB's painting robot. ABB have a long history and a dedicated R&D team working only with the paint process. It means a full featured paint robot specifically designed for painting.

RobNor have built a knowledge around the ABB robots that is unique. We know how to leverage the full functionality and thereby use the full potential of the paint robots.


When RobNor works with processes outside painting we have full access to all ABB robots. ABB's product range stretches from small collaborative robots to large and strong robots for handling of heavy goods. Everything with high accuracy and speed.

IRB 4600.jpg
We provide software to control your robot system and digital tools for programming and improvements.


RobView is a robot close HMI and analysis software that gives the customer access to all functionality in the robot through a standard interface.

RobotStudio is a 3D offline programming tool but also more. You can test the complete functionality in the robot system. One feature is the ability to work in the 3D environment using VR.

VR station.png

RobNor provides a wide range of paint application equipment and accessories for ABB paint robots. We have all the components of the paint systems and spare parts and for some devices also associated repair-kits.

Our product range also includes renovation of selected parts of paint equipment such as gear pumps.

Other accessories for robots such as hose, robotic protection etc. are available in several variants.

We usually describe it as equipment from the paint and pump room to the spray gun.

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