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Our relationship with our customers often begins with thoughts and ideas on a project. Often RobNor is present at the very beginning and helps out with the most basic issues. Our organization then stands by your side all the way until production is running, and then as a partner for support and enhancements.

The company is involved in large, as well as, small projects. We typically run "turn-key" solutions, including planning, design, calculation, installation and commissioning.

The projects we carry out are both in new installations and automation of existing plants. Automation of existing plants often requires extra good planning of all components in the project, since the commissioning time-frame is short. Production can only shut down for a limited period of time, then it shall be resumed at the desired capacity and quality.

Below you can see some examples of projects that cover parts of our solutions. If you get inspired and want to know more, please contact us.

industrial robots 2.png


Multiple projects, mainly in the truck industry, exterior painting. A large number of robots per cell working together. Paint system with great flexibility for both high-volume and low volume production. Devices for different layers with different armament, ABB Robobel combined with automatic spray guns.
Complete turn-key deliveries for both products and engineering services. A large number of subcontractors managed by RobNor's project team.



Several projects for suppliers to the automotive industry, exterior parts. Typical installations with robots flaming, deionization, primer, basecoat and clearcoat, both for single-sided and double-sided application. Projects containing control systems, robots and application systems. Robots equipped with IPS, internal paint control, pump solutions on the manipulators and with spray gun alternately high rotation bells. Turn-key deliveries of complete project with simulation and calculation data, configuration, installation, commissioning and after sales support.



Projects for all types of industries, both total painting (only robotic painting) and touch up painting (robot in combination with linear units). Also more complex projects with vision and productions with large flow of products.



Mainly projects for chair and door painting to several customers in the Swedish industry. Robot for low pressure alternatively high pressure applying with or without electrostatic.



Projects for painting of engines, axles, frames, chassis, etc. Usually high pressure application with static robots or robots on rail dependent on product size. Complete projects from calculation data to after sales support.

In the majority of projects lab tests are done mainly to verify the quality and capacity but usually the capacity is calculated on the basis of a calculation model, experience combined with RobotStudio simulation.

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