RobNor AB got through 2020 in good shape very much thanks to a renewed confidence from Scania Group, for a large project in Oskarshamn, Plasman, for upgrading their paint line in Ghent and Bramidan A/S, for a new state of the art powder paint shop, and Carbonia Composites, for a new high performance paint robot.

Not all companies and individuals have had the same opportunities as us and to them we give an extra good luck wish for 2021. Hopefully simply a better year.

As usual, it is those who already had a hard time who suffer the most when the conditions for work and community deteriorate. That is why RobNor AB, also this Christmas, is contributing to Help at Hand. A small dedicated organisation that is making life better for children and families in need. We encourage people and companies in our network to do the same. Contact Kristian Rankloo if you want an invoice for your company or visit the website ( if you want Swish or bank account information. Everything goes directly to the children and families in need without your contribution being used for administration. Read more about the fantastic projects at

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