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Even an old workhorse like the ABB IRB 5400 needs to be replaced. Back in 2005 we installed two ABB IRB 5400 paint robots on two 5,5 m rails at Väderstad AB. They have been painting high performance farm machinery for more than 13 years.

This summer RobNor AB replaced the robots and upgraded the control system. We reached all the milestones including SOP as planned and started with full quality production from day one.

With this investment Väderstad entered a new era of digitalisation through ABB RobotStudio together with VR. Conversion of existing robot programs and validation of new programs was done in the virtual commissioning environment in RobotStudio.

In the picture you find RobNor's project manager, Joakim Heimer, to the left and Väderstad's project manager, Bengt Persson, to the right. Squeezed in between is Väderstad's robot programmer.


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