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Installed robots led to higher efficiency and more sustainable working-conditions in Dutch factory.

Installed robots led to higher efficiency and more sustainable working-conditions in Dutch factory.

They used to spend several hours inside the paint cabinet, powder-coating the vessels at the Aebi Schmidt factory in Holden, Netherlands. Now the robots are doing the heavy work, and the employees the interesting ones.

-We have reduced the amount of paint, the powder coating is faster, and stronger and our workers can do other, more interesting and more health promoting tasks, the CEO, Gert Jan ten Brinke at Aebi Schmidt Netherlands, and Belgium says.

They needed to increase the production and had difficulties finding people who could do the powder coating-job.

- Now, with the robots, we have constant quality. And the people are still here. The working- environment is much better now, when we can use the robots, says ten Brinke.

Close partner to European customers

RobNor helps clients to build and install paint-robots so that Simon Wellen in Aebi Schmidt Holden for instance, can manage and control the paint-robot- instead of doing the painting himself. By doing this RobNor contributes to safer, more efficient, and much more healthy work-conditions.

The RobNor-customer varies from automotive, Tier1 to general industry. But in general, the customers have a common need that includes coating of their product to protect it against corrosion and to make it attractive with nice colors.

The managing director in RobNor, José Rodrigues also considers the importance of trust to be a high value.

- In RobNor we appreciate to get to know our customers well. We listen, we offer, we deliver, we maintain, and keep intimacy. Establishing and keeping trust are key points for a durable collaboration.

For the years to come RobNor will prioritize increasing sales by significant % to allow even more hiring. The company will continue to reinforce the Scandinavian market while investing in the whole Europe and supporting some global customers around the World.

- In RobNor we are very satisfied when we can help customers like Aebi Schmidt. The example shows RobNors ability to help companies with similar production-lines to operate in a more healthy, efficient, and less expensive way - by investing in robots, explains Engineer and Project manager, Joakim Heimer.

Satisfied with the result: CEO at Aebi Schmidt, Gert Jan ten Brinke and Simon Wellen (left) has been cooperating with RobNors Joakim Heimer, to get the two powder-coating robots up and running.


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